Tash Edwards


 'Visual Artist of Dark Surrealism'


Tash Edwards is a Visual Artist who expresses & evokes emotions from a psychological perception through the method of 'Dark Surrealism'.


A prolific painter of different mediums & a creative sculptor of various materials, she has recently infused more texture in her work as to give a two to three dimensional scale.


Born in London UK & originally self taught. She found she had a passion for expressionism at a very early age.  This was later revealed after she endured tormented experiences, that would eventually have a profound effect in her work...



'I have studied psychology to a certain degree & I have always been fascinated by how the mind works ~ as a visual artist of 'Dark Surrealism', I am able to stretch my ability by delving into the darkest corners of my subconscious by manipulating my thoughts & then manifesting from the psychological aspect... My projection in art consists of expressing & evoking emotions from endured & perceived experiences'. ~Tash Edwards

                                                          'When you experience my Art ~ you enter my mind...'

Observation plays a key role in my fundamental projection... & to observe one's thoughts ~ plays a vital part in understanding our existence.

I am fascinated by the way the mind thinks & interacts... To me it's assiduiously delicious & aspires my passion.

Everyone has a positive & negative, & everyone's hell is different ~ But we fall into the equivalent of the same principle. At the end of the finale ~ We are at war with ourselves.

By stretching the boundaries, I have embraced my pain & accepted my past... A personal vandetta yet therapeutic in style ~ Art epitomizes.

I have much to reveal... & it took many years to break down the barriers to state how I profoundly feel in this conventional society.

All this is reflected in my art as it represents a psychological aspect of endured & perceived experiences, whether manifested on an emotional scale to the articulate freedom of speech.

Art is my life... Tis the very reckoning of my personification'.

~Tash Edwards

                                                                                         Featured are two of my 'Self~Portraits' ~ Click on photos to find out more...